Sho-Me Simmentals

Fullblood Fleckvieh Simmentals

The worlds most universal breed

Sho-Me Simmentals focuses on Quality Fleckvieh genetics from German Fleckvieh Fullbloods imported from Canada.

Why Fleckvieh? The breed has developed a middle of the road type animal. An all-around improver, whether used in a purebred operation or a commercial herd.

Why breed Fleckvieh?
• Docile disposition
• Increase heterosis - Hybrid vigor
• Increase maternal traits - Milk
• Polled & horned genetics

• Calving ease - calf vigor
• Moderate frame - Excellent fertility
• Increase growth - Meat - Pounds
• Volume - Volume - Volume

Cattle available now! Call: 417-437-3224

Sho-Me Simmentals' Superior Genetics

Polled Simm-Flecks

       Are you looking for more performance? Including pounds for steer calves and milk from your replacement females. Look at our effort at crossbreeding. Simm-Flecks, our use of Polled Red Simmental bulls mated to our Fleckvieh fullblood cows. Look and be your own judge. Or just call 417-437-3224 and listen to us tell of our experiences.

Outstanding Polled Simm-Fleck Hefier

Sho-Me Red Zephyr 9Z
Sire: KS Bravado P68
Dam: Sho-Me Miss Neosho

Very gentle - Heavy muscled - Excellent structure
Dark hooves - Very long bodied - Special

   Sho-Me Simmentals offers young breeding bulls and quality females that will jump off the page when evaluating the herds performance and production.

       We are located in southwest Missouri near Neosho and our phone is: 417-437-3224.

Fullblood Fleckvieh Heifer

Sho-Me Zenka 5Z

Sire: Anchor T Vision
Dam: Three Child Precious

Big Growthy - Heavy milking dam - Great cow to be

Mothers of Seedstock

Three Child Precious 122N
Sire: DDD Broadway
Sho-Me Unique 25U
Sire: Sho-Me Mizzou
Sho-Me Nora 35N
Sire: Anchor T Metro
Sho-Me Miss Neosho 33N
Sire: Klondike Gold Rush
Sho-Me U-nice 24U
Sire: Rickardstown Jumbo
Sho-Me Twilight 21T
Sire: Anchor T Rusty

Sho-Me Miss Wyandotte 9W
Sire: Smithbilt Molson

at the Farm at any time!

Full Fleckvieh females starting at $2500 and up

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Edsel Matthews of Fair Grove, MO was back and picked out two outstanding young heifers for his program. Thank you, Edsel thank you for believing in our program enough to be a repeat buyer.

Sho-Me Zivia 6Z
Sire: C&B Western 4th
Dam: Sho-Me Twilight

Sho-Me Zoey 8Z
Sire: Scarlet Dreams
Dam: Sho-Me Unice

    Building on our base cowherd of Fleckvieh full-bloods with strong maternal and performance traits, we are adding homozygous polled red Simmental sires to strengthen our program of providing quality seedstock to the commercial cattleman. By making this addition we will be able to offer other popular blood lines that will compliment those that we are already using.

Sho-Me Xavior X03

Sire: TNT Gunner
Dam: Broadway x Zamuto
BW: 75 lbs   WW: 772 lbs

  4.6 0.7 30.7 49.5 2.7 8.7 24.0

Thank You to Jeff Jarret, Iberia, MO for his purchase of Sho-Me Xavior!!!

Jeff sent this photo of Sho-Me Xavior at 20 months of age. Says he's doing and looking great. Thanks Jeff!

Jeff followed up with these photo's of Sho-Me Zavior's first calf crop. Thanks Jeff.

Jeff called to update his calf crop information. Sho-Me Zavior's first calves sold weighing 720# on 18 head, heifers and steers. Last year the calves off the same cows averaged 570#. Jeff netted $148 per head extra profit! Oh and he kept 8 replacement heifers. Good job Zavior!!!

Sho-Me Yo Bear Sells

Sho-Me Yo Bear
Sire: Red Caesar
Dam: Sho-Me Tamara

Thank you Gary & Lois Crocker of Lebanon, MO. Yo Bear now resides at Crocker Sun Valley Simmentals. Gary has stopped by our booth at the Farm Fest in Springfield, MO. each October to talk cows. So glad he found a bull to take home. Thanks Gary!

A Special Thank You To
These Buyers
Lloyd Hensley for Sho-Me Sabrina 16S
Marvin Birke for Sho- Me Warrior W01
Jim Von Behren for Sho-Me Miss Seneca 18S
Edsel Matthews for Sho-Me Waconia 20W

Edsel Matthews for Sho-Me Xpressive 11X
Edsel Matthews for Sho-Me Xotic 12X
Edsel Matthews for Sho-Me Yankee Girl 18Y

Many thanks to all that have called after reading our website!


      Our building Blocks became Building Blocks for the future for friends of our program.

       Thank you to Global Fleckvieh Genetics, Rugged R Cattle Co., Tony Roberts and Robinson Cattle Co., Jerry Robinson of Wisner, LA.

      Tony and Jerry have chosen the following Sho-Me Simmentals Fleckvieh Fullbloods in their expansion efforts and will add them to their herds. Thanks guys!

Sho-Me Treasure

Sire: Gidsco Appollo

Sho-Me Tamara

Sire: Sho-Me Mizzou
Sho-Me Zeeva

Sire: Anchor T Metro
Sho-Me Yuma

Sire: Smithbilt Molson


Thank you to friends and repeat buyers Robert and Cheryl Oswald
for their purchase of Sho-Me Winslow.

Thanks to Robert & Cheryl Oswald of Urich, MO for sharing these pictures with us.  The Oswald's bought Navajo Chief as a 10-month old calf and have used him on their Simmental-based commercial herd.


Sho-Me Simmentals------Steve and Beth Gramith------6682 E Highway 86------Neosho MO 64850

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